Weak erection – the eye of the problem

Atrophy of the Erection as a Sign of ED: Reasons and Treatment!An erection is an increase of penis length and girth as a response to sexual excitement. When being excited, the brain sends a signal that directs the blood flow into the vessels of these bodies. There is filling of cavernous bodies with blood that causes male erection and the erectile function is provided. Weak erection (erectile dysfunction) is an insufficient filling of penis vessels that doesn’t make penis hard enough for sexual intercourse.

Weak erection may occur:

  • At the beginning of the intercourse when penis can’t penetrate into the female vagina;
  • Right during the intercourse that forces men stop it making it incomplete.

Weak erection is not an independent illness, but a reaction of a male organism to ambient impacts or a symptom of another disease.

Disease Factors

Actually, specialists mark out 5 factors of erectile dysfunction: psychogenic, vascular, neurogenic, hormonal and myogenic ones. In practice, the most wide-spreading are the following four:
Psychological problems. If a person experiences some phobias, has a feeling of self-inferiority based on previous failures, fear of sexual infections, then ED becomes a natural protective reaction of the nervous system. Wrong partner’s behavior, sexual incompatibility, poor external conditions, etc. may lead to the same effect. The situation can become even worse by the unwillingness of men to visit a sex therapist or psychopathologist.

Damage of the vascular system. In most cases, the effect is connected with theAtrophy of the Erection as a Sign of ED: Reasons and Treatment! decrease of the arterial blood flow to the penis as a result of atherosclerosis, endarteritis, diabetes mellitus, enzyme defect, Peyronie’s disease, congenital vascular pathologies, penis’s trauma, excessive smoking, violation of fat metabolism.

Damage of the nervous system. Injuries and pathological states of the spinal cord are thought to be the most dangerous ones. The usual reasons are Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, tumor neoplasms, neuropathies, inflammatory reactions with nerve fibers, and diabetes.

The influence of metabolic processes. Among them are testosterone level decrease, excessive prolactin production, and increase of cholesterol level. The most frequent reasons are overweight and overeating.

Meds are also in Fault

In addition to the reasons discussed above, weak erection can be caused by a number of other factors. Usually, the reasons determined with the influence of medications and a number of chemicals are subsumed to a separate group.

The most dangerous drugs in this regard are:

  • Alpha and beta sympatholytics;
  • Drugs with a narcotic and hallucinogenic effect;
  • H2-blockers;
  • Antidepressant drugs;

Pharmaceutical Therapy

Atrophy of the Erection as a Sign of ED: Reasons and Treatment!The basis of drug therapy is the treatment of prior diseases that cause a weak erection. Drugs with an effect on erectile function are classified into 3 main groups:

  • Drugs of direct effect on erection. Usually they are PDE5 inhibitors like Viagra. It’s really a very effective drug, which provides a steady and hard erection. Viagra’s effect lasts for nearly 4 hours letting men to have some sexual intercourses within this period of time;
  • Means for treating the genitourinary system and maintaining the level of sex hormones;
  • Therapeutic-pharmacological group for the treatment of urological pathologies.