My doctor said that my erectile dysfunction was caused by recent depression will Sildenafil 20 mg be able to cure my recent impotency and get me back to life?
To be honest you have to talk to your doctor whether or not you will be able to take Sildenafil, regarding your recent mental issues. Probably Sildenafil will help you and your erection will appear every time when you will take Sildenafil in your system. It is incredibly important for you to remember that you simply can not intake Sildenafil with food and it will be better for you to stay away from alcohol. Please remember that other drugs should not be combined with Sildenafil under circumstances unless your doctor will tell you that it is okay to do so. But never experiment with such serious issues, never decide on your own what kind of medicines you can or can not mix at all.

I am supposed to take Sildenafil 20 mg pill but actually, I do not have any pills in this amount on me, therefore I am going to split the pill of 50 mg, will it be appropriate for me to do so?
No, by all means, you are not supposed to take and split pills of Sildenafil under any circumstances at all. We want you to keep in mind that in Sildenafil pills all the ingredients are put in not an equal proportion and that is why you may harm yourself by taking too much erection booster drugs, or on the contrary when you are taking not enough pills erection simply will not appear even when you have certain kind of sexual stimulation for sure.

I can not understand how Sildenafil works and why erection is going to occur in my body at all?
Actually such drugs as Sildenafil makes your brain transport your blood to your genitals, as you can guess erection will not happen under conditions that you mix these pills with various other drugs or even alcoholic liquids. Well, as long as you are totally careful and you talk to your doctor every time when you are deciding on a booster drug and whether or not it is appropriate for you to take Sildenafil then you are going to be safe and sound for sure.

Can I mix Sildenafil with Viagra in order to get a better erection this night?
No, you are actually not supposed to mix various kind of sexual booster drug, therefore, you have to decide on one drug and then you will be able to get an erection in no time at all. Usually, it occurs in about 1-2 hours, but when you take Sildenafil when you are hungry then you will be able to get an erection even earlier.

My father had ED when he was about 46 is it possible that I am going to have erection problems too?
Well, you have to get a total check-up and make sure that your erection is firm and stable. It is not going to help when you eat a lot, suffer from obesity, smoke and drink very often. As soon as you will be clean, exercise a lot and take Sildenafil as soon as erection problems occur then you will see how easy it is to get an erection every time and avoid various kind of impotency issue in your life for good. The most common mistake that so many men usually make is giving up too quickly. No one is saying that curing impotency is going to be a piece of cake but still before you will consider giving up on sex try one more time and cure impotency with sexual booster Sildenafil 20 mg.