Why is Sex Necessary for Older People?

When it comes to discussing sex and sexual matters, most people by default mean relatively young men and women of reproductive age. Sex of older people is discussed rarely or not discussed at all. Moreover, a lot of young people believe that sexual life ends somewhere at the age of forty, and sex after forty-five is an exception rather than a rule. At the same time, statistics says that couple leading an active sexual life at the age of 50, 60 and even 70, are more satisfied with life, healthier and rarer suffer numerous diseases – from Alzheimer’s to heart attacks. However, sex after 45 is not like sex at 20 and even at 35.

Sexual Life of Women after Forty-Five

Female organism at the age from 45 to 55 faces numerous structural changes. The most important of them is menopause, which most women survive in this period of life.

It is associated with many physiologic, psychologic and social changes, such as:

  • Is There Sexual Life after Forty-Five? Popular Myths and Expert Opinion.The end of fertility. Of course, some women become mothers in 45 and even 48, but these cases are relatively rare. The majority of women already have children at this age, so inability of getting pregnant and lack of menstruations can be perceived as a relief by them.
  • General unwellness. Menopause is often associated with unstable condition: jumps in blood pressure, hot flashes, irritability, mood swings, headache, dizziness and even depressions and anxiety. Some women survive this period quite easily, while others can suffer for a long time.
  • Reducing of sensitivity. Sensitivity and the ability of getting aroused decline after the menopause. A woman doesn’t get so much pleasure from sex as before. Apart from this, there are some physiological aspects: the walls of vagina get thinner, while an amount and quality of lubrication reduces. Due to this, women often experience physiologic discomfort during sex.

At the same time, women do not lose their sexuality. On the contrary, they need love and care of their partners like never before. But at this stage of life they get more enjoyment from hugs, kisses and other signs of affections than the intercourse itself.

Sexual Life of Men after Forty-Five

As for men, their sexual life changes too, though there are several distinctions. Unlike women, men do not have a menopause, and declining of their sexual functions is usually gradual. The second distinction is that men don’t lose fertility, though the quality of semen usually changes. Theoretically, men can stay fertile till olden days, but in practice, their sperm count is not good enough after 45, and the chances of fathering a healthy child reduce from year to year.

Other changes in men’s physiology include the following ones:

  • Is There Sexual Life after Forty-Five? Popular Myths and Expert Opinion.A lot of men at this age experience the first symptoms of erectile dysfunction. This is especially true for modern cities residents, most of whom lead not too healthy mode of life.
  • Sex drive. Men after 45 need much more time to get sexually aroused and more time to restore sexual abilities after a sexual intercourse. Usually, men of this age start to give more attention to foreplay than to an intercourse. In general, the quality of sexual life becomes more important than the quantity.
  • Ejaculations and orgasms. Older men claim that they can enjoy sex without ejaculation and even experience orgasms without ejaculation.

In general, with the course of time, production of male hormones in men and female hormones in women reduces in a natural way. This causes reducing of men’s masculinity and women’s femininity. Men become slightly more womanish, and women become slightly more masculine.

How to Enjoy Sex after Forty-Five?

As you see, sexual life of both man and women after 45 can be as delightful and diverse as sex in younger couples. To make most of sex at this age, try to focus not on the number of sexual partners or duration of sexual intercourse, but on its quality. Try to give more attention to each other; enjoy hugs, kisses, strokes. Enjoy all the benefits of your age. When there is no a risk of undesired pregnancy any more, you can get relaxed completely and finally forget of contraceptives. Let your old fantasies come true at last. And what is most important, love each other!