What is Meant by Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction?

Psychogenic erectile dysfunction or psychological impotence is a pathological state whenPsychogenic Erectile Dysfunction: Psychological Aid and Treatment! a man can experience a strong sexual enticement and excitement but at the same time he’s afraid of sexual contacts. In cases when a patient brings himself to sex, the very coitus doesn’t give him sexual satisfaction and emotional relaxation but becomes the source of stress. The contraction of such kind of a disease is possible at any age. Specialists have stated that the onset of psychogenic ED happens in the adolescence life but the disease progression can be in adult life only. This disorder is considered to be one of the most complicated forms of ED because only few men can admit that sex is not exciting for him anymore.

At the same time, the following signs should be the reason to see a doctor:

  • Inadequate orgasm;
  • Lack of deep feelings during the coitus;
  • A short coitus without emotional fulfilment;
  • Increased nervousness, aggression;
  • Internal fears, phobias before sex;
  • Dysfunction of the urinary system;
  • Inferiority complex.

Why does it Happen?

Effective treatment of psychological ED is impossible if the disease-producing factor is not defined and not eliminated.

Medical practice helped to identify the following most common seeds of the disorder:

  • Teenage failures in sex;
  • Psychological trauma, happened in the childhood period;
  • Anxious thoughts about suicide;
  • Obsessions, manic attacks;
  • Sexual abuse in childhood, adolescence;
  • Prolonged abstinence from sexual intercourse;
  • Sexual overexcitation or, conversely, indifference on the part of members of the opposite sex;
  • Hypochondria;
  • Nonstandard sexual orientation;
  • Problems with the sexual partner.

Development of the disease consists of 3 stages:

  1. Unexpected backset. It’s the beginning of ejaculation disorder and rapid ejaculation. It’s the time when medical ED treatment can give positive results and stop pathological processes. Sometimes it’s enough to buy Viagra and take for some period of time;
  2. Awakening of the problem. A man comes to the conclusion that he has become impotent and sexual intercourses fail and don’t give satisfaction any longer.
  3. Fixing the provoking factor. The patient changes his attitude to sex, behaves cautiously, heavily bothers and experiences a failure a thousand times in his mind. The need for sex fades away.


If a man is pathologicallyPsychogenic Erectile Dysfunction: Psychological Aid and Treatment! afraid of intimacy with a woman, the attending physician has to determine the pathogenic factor. At the time, patient’s friends and relatives have to understand that he should be surrounded with positive and sunny emotions to a greater extent, and then his organism is able to cope alone with a progressive disorder. If this effect is not enough, it is possible to use one of the methods of conservative therapy.

When the main pathogenic factor is rendered harmless, it’s possible to get rid of a progressive erectile dysfunction with:

  • proper nutrition,
  • a quiet surrounding,
  • a good rest,
  • an additional intake of medications.

There are a number of medications that help the man to get rid of psychogenic problems, restore an erection in the shortest possible time.
These are the following drugs:

  • Adaptogens: Spemann, Gerimax and others;
  • Restorative and energizers, because of the chance of stress;
  • Inhibitors such as PDE5: Viagra, Levitra and Cialis;
  • Tranquilizers: Zidena;
  • Antidepressant medications.