Guys often claim that losing an erection is like death. After all, if the heart does not work, then there is no person. And according to their unanimous assurances, male penis is their second heart. There are some prohibitions for men to keep this heart strong and healthy.

Stop caries and tonsillitis

The chronic inflammatory processes, to which any infectious diseases lead, worsen the blood supply of the pelvic organs. Since the endothelium is affected, the inner layer of blood vessels is already much worse at transporting blood nutrients and oxygen. This worsens the condition of the tissues even more, as in the conditions of hypoxia the multiplication of pathogenic agents is intensified. But the erection mechanism is primarily magnification in the filling of blood vessels of the genital organs with a certain amount of blood.

It is worth carefully choosing partners for sex, and if they are inconstant, or if you are not sure about their health status and passing timely examinations, you should definitely use a condom.

You should not allow developing chronic tonsillitis, caries and other foci of bacterial reproduction. After all, they may easily move with blood flow to the genitals, and create a chronic inflammation in them.

Also the flu and otherThe list of prohibitions for men wishing to keep their health! viral infections may provoke inflammation, weakening immunity and giving green light to pathogenic microorganisms. After all, they live in each of us, but their growth is restrained by the immune system and in case of illness (any), it can not cope with all the tasks at once.

Avoid overloads

You should not chronically fall down. Erection is an energy-consuming process: a man during a sexual act loses as much energy as if he had unloaded a ton of sand. Therefore, regular mega-fatigue may also disrupt potency.

Do not allow all physical overload and also mental ones. Certainly, in the risk group, first of all, are men who have various kinds of neurological diseases (now or in the past: say, survived a spinal injury or a stroke). But you may lose potency in case of chronic stress and lack of sleep. After all, in this case, the transmission of nerve impulses from the subcortex of the brain (the organ that issues commands to other parts of the body) will be disrupted in the cavernous bodies, the structural unit of the erectile tissue. And lack of sleep is, perhaps, the leading mechanism of disruption of the central nervous system. After all, the consequences of any experiences, the brain is able to eliminate (at least partially), if you have enough rest at night: only during sleep is its full “reformatting” when it self-repairs and “grinds” information.

Make friends with the sport

At least run in the morning and in the evening for 40 minutes. The cardioads will also improve the tone of your vessels (and then they will not be able to respond disastrously to negative factors, in particular, squeezing for several hours every day while sitting in the office), and saturate the pelvic organs with oxygen, an antioxidant, anticipating the inflammatory processes in the tissues of the human organism.

Therefore, ideally for daily jogging, add classes in the gym – 2-3 times a week for 1.5 hours.

Avoid bread

Unhealthy food, particularly baked goods, is also to blame for the loss of potency. If sausages, convenience foods, fast food, bakery and confectionery products are the basis of your diet, in which you also generously add industrially made sauces and salads with mayonnaise, then you risk getting excess weight and getting a diabetes mellitus of the second type.

1. In the first case, this will lead to an increase in your body’s level of female hormones (and a decrease in testosterone, as a consequence, as broken fat metabolism).

2. In the second case, because of violations in the pancreas, the vascular system will suffer. It will also suffer before the development of diabetes (which is incurable until the end) – improper diet causes blood sugar jumps, which is a mockery of the vascular system.

No sauna and hot tubs

According to the laws of nature, the scrotum should be in an environment with less than a body temperature. Therefore, regular exposure to “heat” will disrupt its function and as a consequence – a hormonal background that directly affects the potency.

You may visit sauna and hot tub, if you really want it badly, but not more than once a week. But a man, who plans to become a father, should abandon “steam baths” completely: high temperatures cause the death of sperm.