Have you ever thought about the fact your ED was caused by your constant smoking and therefore you need to quit smoking as soon as you can? There is a great risk for you to get impotency when you are smoking. The researcher from New York has proven recently that those men who are smoking are more under the risk that those who stay away from this dreadful habit.
When you are smoking and therefore you have been doing it for quite some time then, unfortunately, your blood circulation is not as great as it used to be. In case you see that erection is not happening then think about the fact that your body simply can not get blood to your male genitals as fast as it used to. As soon as you will manage to stop smoking for good you will see how great your health improved on so many levels in generals. When you do not smoke anymore then you will manage to normalize your blood pressure and there will be no risk for you to get any kind of heart attack or a stroke at all.

Please keep in mind that as soon as you will manage to quit smoking then you will be able to observe that your health improves in 3-10 weeks for sure.

There are actually a couple of tips that will make the whole process of quitting so easier and simpler in general:

– It will be a lot easier for you to quit as soon as you will decide on the date and get totally prepare for it. When you will know that you have to stop smoking on August 15th then you will be totally aware that after that day you can not smoke at all. When your blood vessels are not functioning in a bad way, therefore, ED will occur when your blood will not fill your penis and erection will not happen at all.
– Try to get rid of all ashtrays and various cigarettes around your house somewhere where you will not be able to see them and use the way you used to. When you do not see any lighters and matches around your office or car, especially at home then you will see how easy it is for you to stop thinking about cigarettes and live a normal life.
– In case you are actually smoking 10 cigarettes per day then you will have to talk to your shrink he will be able to tell how you can get rid of this habit for good.
– It will be better for you to start concentrating on something else, tell yourself that you simply can not smoke anymore. This way it will be possible for you to quit it for good. Remember that you are not supposed to jump into severe conclusions when ED is not disappearing right away but still you will see that your health improves daily after you quit.
– If you are living a very trivial life then go skiing or change your routine in any way. There are actually some of the smoking reminders in your life that make you want to smoke. For instance when you are going somewhere where you used to smoke you have a very strong desire to start smoking again, avoid such places for good.
– Your relative, partner and other people who are very close to you then you will be able to get a support from then and see how easy it is to do that when people support you.

As you can see as soon as you will manage to quit smoking your ED will go away. But in case it is not enough we want you to try Sildenafil 20 mg tablet. This rug was specially made for getting an erection in about 2 hours or so. As soon as you are getting any kind of sexual stimulation then you will see that having proper sexual intercourse is very simple and you will not have to worry about the sudden disappearance of erection without your control at all.